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2017 end of July through end of October

Christiana's nonprofit journey for CALPAC in Pakistan

I will be creating a sustainable art program for three months. This sustainable art program will be for children between the ages of 3 and 13 years old. This program will then be the model for the over 3000 plus public schools in Pakistan.





2016 February "Casa Hogar Orphanage" - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Spent two weeks at this orphanage/shelter cooking, cleaning, and of course doing art-therapy with the children.



2015 December Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art- Laguna Beach
Held a month long sock drive to benefit the homeless. "Socks are the most needed but least donated article of clothing in homeless shelters" Event flyer HERE.


August 6, 2015 Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art- Laguna Beach
Curator for an event showcasing my friend and artist, Heather Roth. We held an Art Raffle & Artisan Fair Trade Trunk Show to benefit Heather's Event flyer HERE.


April 18, 2015 Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art- Laguna Beach
Hosted an event with to raise money to bring yoga to local schools. Event flyer HERE.


October 25, 2014 Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art- Laguna Beach
Hosted an with Lisa Early, Tracy Dean & Breast Cancer Solutions. The "Life is Beautiful" event benefits "Breast Cancer Solutions", a grassroots organization that gives back to OC breast cancer patients. Event flyer HERE.


August 7, 2014 Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art- Laguna Beach
Hosted an event with "IGNITE" (sparking young minds in mexico). We raised money to provide school supplies and sponsorships for children in need.


June 26, 2014 Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art- Laguna Beach
Hosted an event with "Ten Boys Who Care", a group of local kids that raise money every year to award as a scholarship to a Laguna Beach High School graduate to help with college. See their facebook page HERE.


June 23, 2014 Day Trip to Lily of The Valley Orphanage
Spent the day with other members of The Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art at this amazing orphanage. The Lily of the Valley Orphanage is a Christian-based family home for the abused and abandoned children in Tijuana, Mexico. Because of this organization, these children now have shelter, food and clothing, education, love, and hope.


May 2014 Humanitarian Trip to Thailand & Burma
I traveled to Thailand & Burma with other members of "The Little Church by the Sea" in Laguna Beach. I focused on bringing art supplies to set up "Art Schools" to the children of these countries. I was able to establish my "Art Schools" in three orphanages, one hospital, one church, and a few remote villages in the jungle.
Trip Pictures Here


April 24, 2014 Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art- Laguna Beach
Hosted an Anti-Bully Painting Workshop for the children. We let them express their thoughts on bullying through art. See event flyer HERE.


March 20, 2014 Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art- Laguna Beach
Hosted an event with "Happy Acts" for their Acts of Happiness campain. A campaign to gather stories, images, and share inspiration about how people are making the world around them happier.


February 27, 2014" Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art- Laguna
Hosted an event to help people understand that autism is a gift not a curse.


September 2013 Argentina
A quick two week trip doing humanitarian work.


On October 2nd 2013
I personally turned LGOCA into an all Humanitarian Art Gallery along with the artists, owner and sales team. It was a simple turnover considering I have over 30 years of helping the less fortunate.


June 26th to 30th, 2013 Mission Trip with Club Dust, Mexico
We built a home for a single mother and her family in Tijuana

October 7, 2012 to May 23, 2013 Humanitarian Trip
Over a 7 month period I visited six countries to help the less fortunate children.

2012 Ambassador for "Arts for India"
Helping to raise funds"To promote Art & Culture, and provide excellent education in fine arts, including Fashion, Technology and Performing Arts, in conformity with global standards".
Modinagar, India.

2011 February to April "India"
I gave an art lecture and lessons at the Kerela School of Fine Art.
Kerela, India

2011 February to April "India"
I taught art at the Abacus School.
Kerela, India

2011 February to April "India"
I started my own art community for children.
Kerela, India

2011 February to April "India"
I created an after school "art on the beach" program for the children.
Kerela, India

2010 Ramana's Garden Orphanage
I created an art school within the orphanage for kids ages 3 to 17.
Rishikesh, India

2010 October to December "South East Asia"

Independent art lessons for children.

2009 Casa Teresa
Auctioned off my art at event to help support a home for pregnant teens.
Orange County, CA

2009 Home Building Trip to Mexico
Two day trip with my church to build a new home for a family.
While there gave art lessons to the village kids.
Tijuana, Mexico

2009 Laguna Art Walk
Auctioned off my art for "Awareness on Censorship".

2008 Estado Orphanage-Mexico
Teaching art to children.
San Antonio de Las Minas, Mexico

2008 Angels for Christopher Charity
Personally auctioned off my art to raise funds for a 3 year old with terminal cancer.
Orange County, CA

2008 Orangewood Children's Home
Auctioned off my art to benefit victims of abuse, neglect, and abandonment.
Orange County, CA

2007 The Freedom Project
Auctioned off my art to benefit this human rights organization that rescues victims of violence, sexual exploitation, and slavery.
Los Angeles, CA

2006 "Last Wish" Charity Event
Auctioned off my art for kids in Israel with terminal cancer.
I personally raised over 20 thousand dollars for the children.
Los Angeles, CA

2006 Art for Progress
Created art programs for underprivileged, inner-city kids.
New York

2006 Love Mercy
Auctioned off my art to benefit families in Africa needing fresh water for survival.
Los Angeles, CA

2006 Music for a Cure
Auctioned off my art to help a music program for kids with terminal illness.
Laguna Beach, CA

2004-2007 Bombs
Intro Art Touring Exhibition

2004 City of Hope Charity, Los Angeles, CA

1990-92 Art Instruction for Underprivileged Children
Fountain Valley, CA